32bit Convert It

32bit Convert It

Convert from the standard system to metric system and backwards fast and easily
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Sometimes the cook books show measures we don’t know and we have to guess them, maybe not getting the results that we would like. Or maybe we want to know why a policeman ticketed us for exceeding the speed limit by 10 km/h during our last trip to a country that uses the metric system. 32bit Convert It is a simple unit converter. You just need to input the unit you wish to convert into the respective box. As you type the value, the other values change dynamically, so the equivalent data in other measure units will be displayed for each category. It is very simple to use the program which consumes so little memory and resources in your system. It can be a resident tool in your tray or your task bar; in the Options menu, you can specify its location.

The program gives you a brief description of each tab showing it to you in a few words or even with the general formula to get the results, i.e. Area, square [lenght2].

You can also customize the program from the main window to display the results in scientific or common notation and reduce or increase the decimal positions that you need. The available conversions are the most common ones including length, area, volume, weight, density, speed and temperature. For instance, in the volume tab you can inquire how many fluid ounces are in one gallon, as well as other useful measures.

Eduardo Trejo
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  • It is very simple to use, and very useful even for its size


  • It would be nice to be able to do some mathematic operations within this program
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